Unleash Your Fury with Demolition Den’s Rage Rooms. Smash, Destroy, and Release Stress in a Safe and Controlled Environment. Book Your Session Now.

Demolition Den’s Rage Room

Looking for an exhilarating and unique way to blow off steam? Demolition Den’s Rage Room is the perfect solution! Our facility allows you to release all your pent-up frustration and aggression in a safe and controlled environment.

As soon as you enter our Indianapolis location’s Rage Room, you’ll feel the excitement building. The room is filled with various items to smash and destroy, including glass bottles, old electronics, and even furniture. For your safety, we provide all necessary gear, including a protective suit, gloves, and goggles.

What sets the Rage Room apart is the intense satisfaction you’ll feel after your session. There’s no better feeling than smashing and destroying objects that are meant to be broken. It’s the perfect way to release stress and frustration in a healthy and productive way.

Our Rage Room offers two different rooms that can be rented in 30-minute blocks, accommodating up to four people at a time. It’s an ideal activity for groups of friends, family members, or co-workers, and you can even challenge each other to see who can smash the most objects.

At Demolition Den, we understand that you might work up an appetite after your session. That’s why we have food and drinks available for purchase on-site. You can fuel up with snacks and refreshments before or after your experience, making it a fun-filled outing.

Please note that before your session begins, you’ll be required to sign a waiver, which can be filled out upon arrival or printed from our website in advance to save time. Safety is our top priority at Demolition Den, and we want to ensure that everyone who participates in the Rage Room is aware of the potential risks and has agreed to our terms and conditions.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun, exciting, and unique way to relieve stress in Indianapolis, IN, look no further than Demolition Den’s Rage Room. It’s an unforgettable experience that you won’t regret. Book your session today and come ready to let off some steam!


1. To enter the rage room, ALL provided safety gear must be worn AT ALL TIMES and cannot be removed until you have exited the room. Closed toed shoes only.
2. Only one person in the room at a time. When you are ready to switch, exit the room and the new player may enter. Once the door is closed, commence SMASHING!
3. Please follow the instructions by your Demolition Den staff. There aren’t that many, but they are for safety reasons.
4. Do not hit the walls directly with the weapon. Damage to our building, lights, windows, etc. will be charged to your credit card. Minimum charge is $100. We will give you plenty to smash so please refrain from breaking our things.
5. If you brought your own items to break, please check with management prior to make sure they are on the approved list.
6. Drinking prior to raging is just not a good safety idea. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you are visibly impaired without a refund.


Demolition Den is a company that offers rage rooms and axe throwing lanes for individuals, families, corporate team building, and more. Rage rooms are designed to provide a safe space for people to release their anger and frustration by breaking things like plates, glasses, electronics, etc. with tools provided by the company. Axe throwing lanes are designed for people to throw axes at targets in a safe environment.

The company’s trained staff ensures that customers have a thrilling and satisfying experience

For groups larger than 10 people, please call to make your reservation.
We offer 10% discount to Miltary/Fire/Police